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A Facial in a Bottle -Therametics

Everyone who knows me well, knows I am a skeptic of skin care products.  I have watched many of my close friends spend lots of their hard earned money on the promise of the fountain of youth. The truth is if you have sun damage and deep set wrinkling, nothing will get rid of it except laser treatments and botox.  There is no miracle product. Plain and simple.  How we age is greatly dependent on genetics. Any skin care professional who is worth their salt will be honest about that.  All that said, let me get to the point.  A dear friend told me about Therametics. I of course was skeptical but tried it.  It truly is a fantastic product.  I have only tried the face wash & dermal repair serum.  They make your skin feel like a baby’s behind. Watch my video for more detail or click on the pic above to learn more.  Bottom line...ORDER SOME TODAY!! 

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Video-Regina chats about Therameticsshapeimage_9_link_0
“Everyone has their own unique look and style that they feel comfortable with.  I have always been a believer in changing things up a bit every once in a while. It is so easy to get caught up in the same makeup, the same clothes, the same hair.  Even the subtlest change can be such a rush.  If you have curly hair, flat iron it! If you always wear nude lipstick, go for red! If you wear black & brown a lot, put on a hot pink dress or a royal blue shirt! I think you will be surprised at the reaction. Change is good! It keeps things fresh. You might be inspired to become a bit more daring. Life is short. Live a little!”

No more Makeup on your Pillow with Almay Non-Oily Makeup Remover Pads

I am dipping into my email today! I get a lot of questions about my makeup routine and specifically makeup remover. I am a makeup girl! I have always had a love relationship with makeup. I love a smoky eye and lots of mascara. That said, eye makeup can be hard to remove & I don’t want to see it on my pillow in the morning!

I tend to be pretty lazy at times about taking my makeup off at night. One product I have used for years without fail is the Almay Non-Oily Makeup Remover pads. I love these because of how easy they are! No water needed! Just pull them directly out of the container and wipe your makeup off! They are great too if you are doing your makeup and you accidentally get mascara or liner somewhere where you did not intend it to be! Just use these wipes and the error erases with ease!

They come in a moisturizing version, but I really do not like the oily feeling it leaves on my skin. I always use the non-oily version. It takes off my eye makeup and mascara like magic! And truth-be-known in a pinch I have used it to quickly go over my entire face! (it works for that too)

Try these! Pick some up the next time you go to your favorite drug store!  I really think you will love the convenience and how quickly the makeup comes off!

Keeping things simple and easy…that is glamorous!

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Looking for a Hot New Fragrance? You Must Check out Diptyque!

(Fab for women and men!)

A lot of great products are sent to me on a regular basis. One of the toughest sells for me personally is fragrance. I am really picky about fragrance. There is nothing more “unglamorous” than your fragrance or cologne walking in the room before you do! I would die a thousand deaths if someone ever thought, “Oh, here comes Regina” before I entered a room.

Some people wear too much and when you are next to them you can almost taste the smell. That is yuck to me!

Recently, I received samples from a fragrance line by the name of Diptyque. I had never heard of Diptyque.

On May 11, 2009 Diptyque won the Grand Prix du Parfum for Exclusive Distribution award and the Marie Claire Beauty Fashion Editors Top Choice Awards.

I am told that the Grand Prix du Parfum is widely considered the Oscars in the perfume industry so that is good enough for me I wanted to put these fragrances to the test!

I received 4 samples: The L’Eau de L’Eau, The L’Eau des Hesperiedes, the The L’Eau de de Neroli, and the newest fragrance the L’Eau de Tarocco.

These are actually considered a unisex cologne line which I love because there have been times in the past where I lean more toward a male product than its female counterpart.

I started with the L’Eau de L’Eau and fell in love with one spray! It is my personal favorite of the 4. The other three are all really amazing scents! I really could wear any of them. My husband really loves the L’Eau de Tarocco.

Each is different but what is common is how delicate they are and they change the longer you wear them. They present a layered fragrance that smells differently as it soaks in to the skin.

I would totally agree that these can be worn by a man or a woman.

For your reference here is a breakdown of the scents:

L’Eau de L’Eau It is warm and spicy with a hint of Citrus but sheer at the same time L'Eau de L'Eau: clove, cinnamon, ginger, pink peppercorns, geranium, lavender, orange blossom, Benzoin balm, tonka bean and patchouli.

L’Eau des Hesperides starts with a wonderful burst of dry orange (the notes: bitter orange, mandarin, lemon, petitgrain, red thyme, rosemary, mint, cedar, white musk). As it develops, the orange is joined by a generous handful of chopped herbs. It is a more sweet scent.

L’Eau de Neroli features bergamot, petitgrain, verbena, tarragon, neroli, orange blossom, geranium, beeswax, white musk and cedar). It is a sunny and cheerful citrus, very bright, very wearable, would be a great summer cologne.

L’Eau de Tarocco: (The newest just launched!) This features orange, grapefruit, saffron, cinnamon, rose, cedar and incense. This is a fresh, sweet and spicy fragrance. It really has a clean smell. This is my second favorite of the 4.

The next time you are looking for a unique, amazing fragrance or cologne you must try Diptyque!

Their Newest Fragrance

L’Eau de Tarocco

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Smashbox Nude Lip Pencils are Perfection!

One of my favorite looks is a pale lip with a smoky eye. It has been a very popular look for quite a while now yet I find it very difficult to find a pink lip pencil that is light enough to pull off the look and not so light that you get no definition. Many of the pinks on the market have too much brown in them. I want a soft pink!

Finally, after practically a year of many trials and errors I found the Smashbox Nude Lip Pencils. These are perfection!

They give the fine definition to the edges of the lip that you want without too much depth in color. They can be used by themselves all over the lip or I love to combine it with a sheer lip-gloss for a tiny hint of color. It also blends beautifully with a lipstick.

I purchased both the fair and the light shades. They are both really nice!

I am particularly impressed with the fair as it is the perfect shade for that soft pink look that I was looking for!

Try these Smashbox Nude Lip Pencils! Your lips will look amazing!

Smashbox Nude Lip Pencil



Kenra Platinum Adds A Glamorous Shine To  Your Hair

I was having my hair done recently and I noticed these beautiful bottles on my stylists counter. They really caught my eye as they looked so glam sitting there. They look so sleek and I love the silver bottles!

I had to ask her what they were!

They are the new Platinum line by Kenra. I had not heard of this line so I asked her to try it out on me.

I have color treated, very fine hair. She used the Platinum Silkening Gloss on me. First of all the smell is AMAZING! I am a huge advocate of great smelling hair products so this was the first plus. Then she squeezed a tiny bit in her hands and worked it through my towel dried hair. We then continued with the blow dry and then applied a little more once the hair was dry and styled. My hair felt incredible! It was so soft and silky to the touch and also had a nice sheen to it that I did not have before! I bought the product right there and have been using it ever since.

BONUS! This can also be used on the skin as a moisturizer. After I put it in my hair I rub the rest on my hands afterward and they feel and smell fantastic!

I am was so impressed I had to try the Platinum Line shampoo & conditioner. They are incredible! They have choices for all hair types so there is one for you.

I highly recommend you try Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss and shampoo & conditioner!

Your hair will be movie star glamorous in minutes!

Kenra Silkening Gloss

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Celebs Transform A Casual Look With A Hat!

I love hats! I always have! People always compliment my hats when I wear them and then they usually say, “I wish I could wear hats, I don’t think they look good on me.” Nonsense! I think everyone looks great in hats. You just have to take the time to try them on and know which style works best for you.

On a really casual day, usually when I exercise, I love to wear a ball cap. The trick with ball caps is to make sure they fit close to the head and have a long front bill. That gives a stylish look that works on most face shapes. Celebs such as Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo (while still together) show off a great look with a ball cap.

One of my favorite looks that works well on women and men is the stylish fedora. They are made today in so many colors, styles and fabrics. They are a favorite of celebs from Ashton Kutcher & Zach Ephron to Rumor Willis & Ashley Simpson. Combining a fedora with a really casual outfit kicks up the style factor and looks fabulous!

One recent hat hit are the newsboy caps. These have been around forever yet they seem to have come in front and center in the last couple of years. I wear them a lot. Brad Pitt wears them all the time and check out George Clooney. The girls love them too! Madonna, Jessica Simpson and the adorable Miley Cyrus love these too.

The next time you go shopping stop by one of those hat vendors who sell hats at the mall. Try a few on!  I think you will be pleasantly surprised how fabulous you look!

Huge Lips Skinny Hips Lip Plumper

I receive a lot of great items it gift bags when I attend events. Some of them are great and some of them not so great. One product that I received recently caught my attention by the name alone!

Please allow me to introduce Huge Lips Skinny Hips Lip Plumper. I have learned that marketing is everything and this title is a hit! It is eye catching and makes you want to know what this is all about! I have tried many lip plumpers and other than making my lips tingle and sometimes sting, my lips really have never plumped.

Huge Lips Skinny Hips states it will not make your lips sting while plumping and contains Hoodia which claims to suppress the appetite. Ahh! Now I get it! It plumps the lips and makes you less hungry so you will have skinnier hips! Clever! But does it work?

I had to put it to the test. I applied the plumper to my lips. It glides on beautifully. The thing I was immediately impressed with was the smell and the taste! YUMMY! I have Lychee Martini. Most glosses smell good but the taste of this is amazing!

It has a hint of color that is very pretty and on the neutral side.

Now for the plumping! I did not feel the usual tingle which was nice. My lips looked and smelled great! Plumping….not so sure about that.

Did it suppress my appetite? Hmm…Maybe! I think actually the Hoodia combined with the sweet taste might actually aid a bit in keeping you from heading to the kitchen for that unnecessary snack!

Bottom Line: I love it for the look and the taste and smell. How much it plumps doesn’t matter to me. I would have to have a lip in-plant to plump to the size that would really make a noticeable difference.

Put Huge Lips Skinny Hips in your makeup bag! I think you will love it!

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Have you been Minxed??

If you are a lover of fashion and style then you know how important every detail is in your final look. This also includes your toes and nails!

I have always enjoyed getting pedicures and manicures. It just makes me feel like I have put the finishing touches on a clean polished look! I tend to stick to French manicures on my hands and use my toes to add in a splash of bright color.

I am always open to fun and creative ways to be unique and add a sense of flair whenever possible. That is why I had to share with you the new fashion trend in nails, Minx.

Minx? What is Minx you ask? Let’s quote directly from their site: “A Minx is a sexy, confident, naughty but fun individual who lives every day like it is a big, ripe juicy apple ready to be bitten. We’ve channeled this cool factor into Minx, a new and glamorous way that lets women (and men!) extend fashion to their very fingertips.”

That said, here is the breakdown of how it is done: **Minx products are applied by a Manicurist who has completed the additional training required to learn to apply the product to the nails.

It is like a nail sticker that is trimmed to fit your nail bed and adheres to the nail with heat. No fumes or chemicals involved and it is quick drying.

Choose from one of the many stunning choices. There are so many variations! Stars Like Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson love Minx!

It is like adding a touch of art to your nails and toes. Visit to check some of the great designs and find a salon near you!

I think I will give it a try myself. These would be great for a special occasion or event! I will make sure and update when mine are done!

Beyonce Loves Minx!

Some of the MANY Choices!

Touche Éclat Adds A Glamorous Touch To Your Face!

At a recent photo shoot, I met an amazing makeup artist (Jill Cady, LA) I always love it when I work with different artists as they have so many wonderful tricks and tips they love to share. She did an amazing job with my makeup! One product that she used I am so excited about I must share it with you!!

Yves St Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch! This is an award winning take with you everywhere must-have product for your makeup case!

Touche Éclat is an instant highlighter that banishes shadows, erases signs of fatigue and leaves your skin looking radiant.

Touche Éclat is 8 hours of sleep in a pen!! And the minute I saw it on my face I knew it was true!

Touche Éclat is ideal at any time of the day and can be used over bare skin, under or over foundation, crème or powder. Use it around the eye area, the hollow of the chin, the contour of the lips and the sides of the nose.

Jill used it on me over my foundation around my eyes and around my nose. The highlighting it creates really makes your features pop!

Just slip it into your makeup bag or purse to ensure a brilliant glow, anytime, anywhere!

This product will add a touch of glamour to your face every time you use it!

P.S. I recommend you buy two! You are going to love this product so much you will want it accessible to you in more than one location!

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Celebs Jennifer Carpenter & Julie Benz Talk Beauty with Regina on the Red Carpet!

I attend a lot of events. I love to go to events because that is where I can talk directly with individuals and get the inside scoop on the many wonderful ways to live a glamorous life.

Who better to ask than celebrities about glamour, style and living a great life!

Over the next two weeks stick with me and check out my interviews with celebs regarding their personal beauty tips.

Last week, I covered the red carpet for the Entertainment Weekly & Women In Film pre-Emmy Party. It took place at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood.

In today’s video I visit with Jennifer Carpenter and Julie Benz of the Emmy nominated tv show Dexter. (One of my personal favorite shows)

Jennifer shares one of her favorite must-have items the shoe petals from

I was thrilled to discover this site as I always have issues with shoes! This site makes wearing stiletto’s and other hard to wear shoes much more comfortable!

Julie talks about her favorite concealer (also my personal favorite) by cle de peau & discusses a great fashion tip for the next time you wear a strapless dress! You dress will stay in place with her great tip!

Later this week I will feature my interview with emmy award winner Sela Ward. We will talk about her new find that helps keep her in tip-top form.

Click here to Purchase Cle de Peau

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Regina Chats With Emmy Award Winner Sela Ward!

Anyone who has followed the career of Sela Ward knows what an amazing actress she is.

Her two emmy awards for her leading roles on Sisters and Once And Again speak for themselves.

One thing that always stands out is her great sense of style. She always looks so classy and elegant. And lets not forget about how beautiful she looks! She seems ageless. How does she keep her figure looking great year after year??

Today’s video showcases my recent red carpet interview with Sela at the Entertainment Weekly & Women In Film pre-emmy party.

Sela shares with me a bit about her career success as well as her new find The Flat Belly Diet.

She says she has recently been following it herself. Ladies, I can testify that it is working! She looks AMAZING!

If you need to drop a few pounds check out the Flat  Belly diet book! Before you know it you will be red carpet ready yourself!

Check back on Friday when I interview actresses from Bones and Desperate Housewives!

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Actress Sela Ward

Michaela Conlin of “Bones” & Andrea Bowen of “Desperate Housewives” Chat Fashion with Regina on the Red Carpet.

I always say that looking beautiful can be hard work! The dresses we have to wear that cut off our circulation and the shoes! Well, you guys know how uncomfortable sexy shoes can be! But they look great so we continue to wear them!

Today’s video showcases my interview from the red carpet at the recent Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film Pre-Emmy Party.

What a glamorous evening it was! Bones Star Michaela Conlin  stopped by to talk about the importance of feeling comfortable while looking glamorous.

Andrea Bowen, who plays Terry Hatchers Daughter Julie on Desperate Housewives talks about the ever-so-glam ladies on Wisteria Lane as well as her passion for singing and her upcoming album.

Next week, I will feature my inspirational interview with Melissa Rosenberg, executive producer of Dexter and writer of the screenplays Twilight and the highly anticipated film New Moon.

She was so great to talk with, I know she will inspire you! For those of you who have a passion you have lost touch with or a goal that you have not reached, this feature is for you! Make sure you check back in to catch it.

Michaela Conlin

Andrea Bowen

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Want To Change Your Look? Lets You See How You Will Look In Advance!

I highly recommend changing your look a bit every now and then. It keeps life fresh and fun! It is so easy to get stuck in a rut. Before you know it, years go by and you have the same hairstyle and look that you had in high school.

There have been so many times I have considered cutting my hair in a new way or even changing the color from blonde to dark brown. (I actually did it once and colored it back to blonde three weeks later)

How about trying out a new colors and shades of lip eye and cheek as the seasons change. Ever think about getting colored contacts? But what would they really look like?

This is usually very difficult for most girls and women due to the risks involved. The expense of purchasing items you “think” you might like, combined with the fear of hating that trendy new haircut the moment your hair hits the floor, usually wins out in the end resulting in very little or no change in updating your look.

Those days are OVER! You are going to be thrilled to discover! I have never seen a site quite like this!

Here is how it works: Visit, join the site (it is free) then click on UPLOAD PHOTO. Choose a photo with your hair pulled back and little or no makeup on your face. Then let the fun begin!

You can start creating your new look immediately and see it right before your eyes. Choose you hair color and shade (including highlights and lowlights) Choose from long to short cuts. (many variations)

Choose your makeup from the shade of the foundation to the eyeliner and the eye shadow.  Try a new lip color you have been afraid of. Pick out a new shade of blush. You can even add lashes, plump your lips and whiten your teeth!

You will never have to be afraid change your look after you try it first on!

You will have so much fun with this site you will want to share it with everyone you know!

You can see many looks others have created too which is lots of fun when you see the before and after shots. Note: What you create does not have to be seen by anyone but you. You choose whether or not your looks can be viewed by others.

Once your look is complete you can print it out or email it to your stylist or take it to the makeup counter for reference. (the site makes recommendations of products to you too)

Get started! Fall is here! Start preparing for your new look today!

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Have A Special Event? Wear Cle de Peau For A Flawless Face

I never in a million years thought it could happen! I have a new favorite foundation! Please allow me to introduce to you Cle De Peau Creme Foundation.

I am so incredibly picky when it comes to cosmetics. At a recent photo shoot, which I mentioned last week, celebrity makeup artist (Jill Cady) introduced me to Cle De Peau. I had never heard of it. I am always skeptical when trying a new foundation as I am often disappointed with the results. They are usually too heavy or too light or the color doesn’t exactly match.

From the moment Jill put it on I loved the way it felt. She applied it with a foundation brush. (I highly recommend this for any foundation application)It was so light on my face but provides great coverage that really evens out the skin tone.

When she completed the whole look my makeup really looked beautiful. I thought to myself, I really like it but it probably looks extra great as such an amazing artist put it on. She gave me some samples to try at home.

I returned home and went back to my usual foundation until one day I decided to try one of the samples just for kicks. I immediately noticed a huge difference! It wasn’t just the makeup artist’s application! This product goes on like silk. The color blends into my skin tone better than any I have ever used!

The final finish is flawless. I really have never experienced a foundation like it. I remembered Jill telling me that she used it all the time on her celebrity clients and they all are buying it now for their everyday use.

I completely understand why!  It contains a moisturizer which improves the texture of the skin and green tea, which helps promote new cell growth. It has an SPF of 18 to protect the skin from the sun.

Now, I won’t even begin to tell you this is a budget friendly foundation. At $118 per bottle, many of you will run in the opposite direction. BUT! I have always believed your look is so important and your face is the first thing everyone sees. When you find something that really works, you have to go for it! Splurge a little!

One great thing to note is a little of this foundation goes a long way especially when you apply with a foundation brush. Depending on how much you use at a time and how often, one bottle could last you up to 3 months!

Bottom line, I placed my order, and in the meantime I am attempting to squeeze every drop out of my samples. Cle De Peau Foundation definitely adds glamour to the skin and face. You will look red carpet ready in minutes!

Click pic to order Cle de Peau

Redken Headplay 12 is Perfection For Hard To Curl Hair!

What planet have I been living on? I have the finest hair on the planet and it is so hard to get it hold curl and last all day! I don’t want my hair to feel crunchy from hairspray so light hairspray doesn’t hold well enough and I refuse to use Aqua net!

Last week when I was visiting my stylist I was telling her about my struggles when I attempt to curl my hair. She suggested I try Redkin Headplay 12. I am always skeptical of putting extra products in my hair as they always tend to weigh down my hair.

I brought it home and from the first curl, my life was changed! Redkin Headplay 12 is a working spray. What does that mean?  Here is how it works. Once your hair is dry you separate the section you want to curl and lightly spray it on each peace. Curl it with a curling iron as you usually would and it holds immediately! I could not believe the light texture it added and the hold it gives.

Once my whole look was complete I did add my light hairspray to finish the look. My curl lasted two days! I really could not believe it!

Day two I brushed through it  lightly and bounced the curls back in place. That was never possible with hairspray alone. It provides a brushable shiny finish to your hair! It is anti-static and leaves no flaky residue.

Bottom line: This is a must for all of you  with straight hair when you want to style or add curl to it! When you hair looks great you know you will have a glamorous day!

Great For All The Lightly Curled Tousled Looks!

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Your Hair Looks Red Carpet Stunning Every Day With H2pro Presto Flat Iron

I get a lot of emails asking me about my favorite styling tools. One tool that I use almost daily is a flat iron. I use it after I blow dry my hair to smooth it out and give it a nice shine and soft, sleek texture.

I even use it when I am planning on curling my hair as I really love the texture it gives my hair in prep for the curls.

I have a new favorite flat iron I want to share with you! It is the H2pro Presto 1 inch flat iron! I really love this flat iron is it grabs firmly on to the hair and as you tighten the iron on the hair it engages a turbo trigger which boosts the heat, speeding up the styling time and helping in sealing in moisture.

The H2pro gets hot! It can reach up to 450F in seconds releasing extra heat evenly and consistently as you style. Frizz is gone in seconds!

I love this iron! It is the best flat iron I have ever used! It definitely adds glamour to styling your hair!

Whether you are straightening, curling, or flipping this is one hot styling tool! Add it to your set of styling tools and get ready for all the compliments!

Purchase by calling 800-896-7728 or emailing

H2PRO 1 inch flat iron!

Want To Lose Weight in 2010?

“Lose it” is the answer!

Probably the number one new years resolution is to lose weight. Millions of people every year start off the new year 150% committed to obtaining their ideal weight. By the end of January, the goal is dropped and put on a shelf. The reason this always happens is failure and frustration. It isn’t that we don’t want to lose weight. It just seems too difficult in our fast paced lifestyle. I am living proof that this is a myth.

I have been on every diet known to man from Atkins to the grapefruit diet to the Southbeach diet to fit for life to eating nothing but bananas to the Zone delivered daily to my door. (You get the picture and can probably relate, right?) Finally, I discovered Lose it! Lose it is an application on my iphone.

Here is how it works. Download it to your iphone (It is a free application) Fill in your age height, current weight and how many pounds you want to lose and how fast. (up to 2 lbs per week) Then it calculates for you how many calories you can eat in a day to guarantee losing the weight and how long it will take you. Then it is your job to enter in everything you eat during the day along with the calories. It has a calorie search built in so you can type in the food and it tells you the calories. It even has some restaurant calories listed too. (I know, you are thinking, that is a pain to have to type in everything you eat and drink) Trust me, most of us eat a lot of the same foods over and over again so you only have to add a food once.

Once you have added a food and its calories to your menu you don’t have to add it again just locate and click on it and it is in.  (The longer you are on the diet the less you have to add in each time.)

As the day goes on and you input your calories it deducts how many you have left for the day so you are always in check. It helps you make better choices based on the calories you eat each day.

Pick a day each week and weigh yourself. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning on the same day each week. (This will give you the best and most accurate weight) Then as you lose weight and enter it once a week, it deducts the amount of calories you can have so you are always eating less to keep losing.

If you exercise, you input the type and how long and it helps you know how many calories you can ADD to your day since you exercised.

I lost 25 lbs since last March! I even give myself a cheat day every week! If you follow this program you will lose weight.

I have never felt better and as everyone around me is always asking me how I did it, I thought I would share it with all of you.

One thing that makes it really successful I think is the fact that the phone is always with you so it is easy to check calories no matter where you are. It is also easier to hold yourself accountable when you actually keep track of everything you eat.

Here’s to a healthier happier and leaner you! Lose it is the first step!

PS: I know everyone does not have an iphone.

Visit and start counting those calories from your computer!

The bottom line is, successful weight loss is math. Burn more calories each day then you take in and success is the result.

Commit to holding yourself accountable by tracking exactly what you eat and drink and you will shed the unwanted pounds. Give it two weeks. You will lose weight.

**I do recommend that before going on any diet you discuss it with your Doctor to make sure you are in good health.

Good luck! Let me know how it works for you!

PS: Start saving for that new wardrobe! You will need it!


Lose It Works!

Lose it deducts calories when you eat or drink letting you know how many more you can eat each day!

Lose it has a built in calorie counter!

Aveeno Positively Ageless Warming Scrub Like Getting A Facial At Home!

Having beautiful and healthy looking skin is a goal of every woman on the planet.

A friend of mine discovered Aveeno Positively Ageless Warming Scrub and loved it so much she gave me some for my birthday!

I immediately tried it. I am now addicted to it! When you put it in your hands and add water to it you rub your hands together and the scrub warms in your hands.

When you apply it to your face it feels so amazing! It reminds me of the wonderful feeling you get when you have a facial. It is so calming.

The other thing I really love about this product is that it

gently exfoliates every time you use it as it contains tiny beads that lightly scrub the skin removing dead skin cells and revealing softer, younger-looking skin.

I have been using the product now for about a month. It has really changed the look and feel of my skin.

It definitely adds a touch of glamour to my daily face washing experience. The moment I feel the warming sensation…life is grand!

Add Aveeno Positively Ageless Warming Scrub to your daily routine. You will feel so pampered and your skin will look radiant!

You will thank me! Your skin will thank you!

Available at Target, Walmart & most Drug Stores! Order online HERE.

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The Best Dry Shampoo: Salon Grafix

If you are like me, you don’t wash you hair everyday. As mine is chemically treated, it is too drying on my hair and unnecessary to wash it everyday.

Some off days it seems like it needs a little refresher.  I have tried dry shampoos before and never been too impressed with them. They are usually too powdery and it takes me forever to get all the powder off the surface after applying it.

Or the smell is not appealing. Usually, if my hair isn’t manageable, I am forced to wash it again.

Sometimes depending on your schedule you may not have the time to wash your hair. It could be as plain and simple as you got up late.

I have the perfect solution! Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo.

This is by far the best dry shampoo I have ever used!

Here’s why I love it:

ϖ No powdery residue

ϖReally cleans the hair and removes odor with its fresh, clean scent

ϖ100% safe for all hairtypes

ϖSpray it on and brush it out (all the oil disappears instantly) It is that easy!

ϖHelps extend the life of your haircolor

ϖAffordably priced at $7.99

My hair felt almost as if I had completely washed it in the shower! You will love this! Your hair will thank you!

You will never be without this great product once you try it!

Available at most retail/drug stores. Find a location near you HERE.

Click Pic To Purchase

White Sands Velcro Strips Perfect For Glam Girl On The Go!

Traveling today is difficult and expensive. Gone are the days when you could pack everything in your large suitcases and check them for free. More and more women are consolidating their necessities to their one free carry on bag that can fit in an overhead bin.

If you are like me however, your hair tools etc are a must. If you like to use rollers there really isn’t much room to include them in your smaller suitcase. (Especially not enough room for even a small set of hot rollers).

I was excited when I heard about White Sands Velcro Strips! These are flat strips with velcro on one side that come in two sizes that literally take up no room when you travel.

Here is the concept: you can create traditional body, curls and waves in minutes with these strips alone!

I had to put them to the test. I like to add body to the ends of my hair with most of the styles I wear on a daily basis. I decided to use them as a traditional roller. I simply blew my hair dry and used a texture spray and rolled my hair with the strips. They are really easy to use.

You lay sections of your hair on top of the non-velcro side an then roll it up as tight or as loose as you want. Then you secure them with a silver styling clip (or I just used bobby pins).

Then I took my blow dryer and added heat to each roller to help the curl set. I then continued to dry the top section of my hair, completed my makeup and about 20 minutes later I took them out. The curl was perfect! Exactly what I wanted it to be.

I do recommend you use them with a Liquid Texture on your hair. They have recommendations on their site as to some great options. Also, remember to let the hair totally cool in the rollers before you take them out. You will get the best results that way.

Watch my video today as I show you exactly what I did and the results.

The White Sands Velcro Strips are a great product! Spread the word! Women everywhere will love these!

Size: Medium - $36.00 for 6 strips/3 sticks    

Size: Large - $40.00 for 6 strips/3 sticks    

White Sands Velcro Strips Great For Travel! 
(Click Pic To Purchase)

Liquid Texture A Must With Velcro Strips

SEVIN NYNE Tanning Products Smell Incredible And Are Great For Your Skin!

It is that time of year again! Out come the arms and legs that are mayonnaise white from being covered all winter!

I pulled out my sleeveless shirts & shorts last week on a warm day and about blinded myself when I took a peek at my legs and arms! NOT GLAMOROUS!

I am trying to be better about tanning in general. I have been known to spend some time in the tanning bed over the years and I know it is bad for me so knowing I had a weekend trip planned I started checking out the newest tanning products on the shelves.

I heard about this great travel duo by Sevin Nyne (Just launched in March) I had to give it a try!

Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist +Self-Tanning Lotion are a petite, portable duo, and at under 3 oz each, they are conveniently designed to fit in your handbag, or carry-on, so you can jump on that plane worry and hassle free.

I LOVE both of these products! Those of you who frequent Glamour24-7 know how much the smell of a product means to me.

From the first spray or use of the lotion you are transported to the Islands with the tropical coconut fragrance! Light and beautiful! It glides on! This makes it so easy to apply! I waited about 5 hours before showering to make sure it would not wash off. It didn’t. I had a beautiful glow that was perfect for my trip! I added more when needed during the trip to keep it up. Layering made the look darker. So you can control how light or dark you want your color to be.

Each Sevin Nyne product has it’s own unique blend of pure botanicals and natural oils that infuse your skin with nourishing ingredients, while blanketing your body with a delectable fragrance that tantalizes your senses.

Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist provides an even, golden glow while nourishing your skin with powerful, anti-oxidant filled Goji Berries and moisturizing Chardonnay extracts. Sevin Nyne Self-Tanning Lotion provides the tan-talizing color you love, with moisturizing honey and hydrating cucumber and chamomile extracts your skin craves.

Cherish your skin with the new Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist + Self-Tanning Lotion, and unleash the Golden Goddess within anywhere, anytime. Available at Sephora. (online and in stores)

SEVIN NYNE Tanning Mist & Lotion

(Click Pic To Purchase)

Bond no. 9 Fragrances: My Personal Favorite!

Women are stopping me everywhere I go and asking me what fragrance I am wearing. I decided I must share it with you!

My favorite fragrance line, hands down is Bond no 9. I have tried several of there wonderful fragrances and I get compliments on every one of them!

First of all, the bottles are absolutely stunning! They instantly add a touch of glamour to your dresser or bathroom vanity. Really beautiful! 

I love their fragrances because they are not overpowering. They are just perfect! They are really unique as they change as you wear them. It is like they are layered in beautiful fragrance.

The Bond No. 9 collection was created to celebrate New York! It is a collection of women's, men's, and unisex eaux de parfum — has a dual mission: To restore artistry to perfumery, and to mark every New York neighborhood with a scent of its own. Each fragrance represents a specific downtown, midtown, or uptown locale or a city-wide sensibility.

The one I am currently wearing is Chinatown! I love the pink bottle! So pretty! The fragrance is a combination of fruit and floral (which I love) peach blossoms, gardenia, tuberose, patchouli & cardamom. This is a lovely, subtle fragrance that is ever changing as I wear it. Sometimes I smell the peach more and sometimes the gardenia. Love it!

My all time favorite and first one I tried is the Saks Fifth Avenue. Again, a really cool looking bottle. This one I smelled on a woman and had to know what it was. I bought it immediately! This is also a winning combination of jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, vetiver and vanilla.

They just launched this month a new fragrance “High Line” . I have heard this is incredible too! Can’t wait to smell it! It combines the scent of wildflowers, green grasses … and urban renewal.

You just can’t go wrong with this line! Check out the entire line. You will love it! Visit

High Line

Saks Fifth Avenue

Cosmo’s Sexiest Beauty Secrets A Must Have!

Hot of the press directly to you! I am thrilled to share with you my new find! Today is for all you fantastic women out there who love beauty and style! What is your number one goal? Looking fabulous every time you walk out the door! With this book…YOU WILL!

Cosmopolitan’s definitive get-gorgeous bible has finally arrived in paperback. With hundreds of Cosmopolitan’s best insider tips and tricks on scoring a flawless complexion, creating perfectly tousled, flirty locks and working the latest makeup trends, COSMO’S SEXIEST BEAUTY SECRETS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LOOKING GORGEOUS (Hearst / April 2010 / $16.95) allows every woman to feel their absolute hottest before stepping out the front door!


This visually stunning how-to guide, COSMO’S SEXIEST BEAUTY SECRETS includes:

▪Cleansing techniques, dietary habits, and make-up must haves for radiant skin and ways of getting every inch of your body totally touchable

▪Tips on picking an appropriate eye shadow color, applying eyeliner and mascara, perfecting your eyebrow shape to ensure a seductive gaze and getting hot lip looks for every occasion

▪Techniques on keeping hair healthy and shiny and polish pointers for perfect nails

▪Quizzes to reveal your personal beauty style and much more…


Also, the new version comes with a special interactive dial on the cover that shows each beauty tip and the page to go to for more info!

I could go on and on about this book! This is a must for every woman!! There are so many great tips that cover a woman head to toe! It covers, skin, your face, eyes, lips, hair, body, fragrance and nail care!! Wheew!

This book gives you the inside scoop on how you can look your best everyday! Great tips for women of all nationalities!

All women are beautiful! This book is key to looking your best! Get one for yourself and give one to every woman in your life!

I Love this book! I can’t put it down! Once you get yours, you will agree!

Coming soon to a book store near you!


Paperback Now Available!

New Organic Glam Mascara Great Product!

Many of you may have heard me say that my favorite Mascara in the world is being discontinued. The prescriptive cosmetic line will soon no longer be available.

You can still purchase their items on line but I am not sure for how long.

In the meantime, I have been on a search for a replacement. I am probably one of the pickiest consumers when it comes to Mascara. I don’t like waterproof. I only like straight brushes for application. I can’t stand it when mascara clumps or dries in the bottle too quickly. I want it to be easily removable with a makeup remover pad. I want it to thicken and lengthen to create beautiful lashes.

That said, I am a hard sell. I have been trying mascaras for the last couple of months and have yet to come across one that is noteworthy. I have tried cheap ones and high end ones. I am thrilled I have several tubes of Prescriptives False Eyelashes left to work with in the meantime!

I recently heard about a Mascara by the Organic Pharmacy called Organic Glam. It is a new addition to their line.

I must say that I am not a huge purchaser of Organic Products but I am always willing to consider showcasing them because I know many of you out there are always searching for great organic products.

This is one of them! For those of you who want a high quality mascara that is made of completely natural ingredients this is the one for you.

First of all, I love the brush. This is the best brush for even mascara application. It goes on very smoothly. The color I tried is black. It is a nice rich color. It goes on very evenly and does not clump which is great! It definitely thickens the lashes. It lengthens to a natural point, which is nice for those who want to pump up their lashes without going over-board. I have lots of friends who want to see their lashes more but don’t want a heavy mascara look. This is the perfect mascara for that. It is long wearing. I wore it all day and did not need to reapply for evening. It comes off easily with makeup remover pads! (I love that) It also did not flake!

It contains natural beeswax, which really helps condition and coat the lashes. It contains no preservatives, fragrances, petrochemicals and no animal ingredients.

Most importantly these products are cruelty-free as they do no animal testing! It is available in Black & Dark Brown and retails for $35. (This is a higher price point for mascara but normal when dealing with high quality organic products).

So what is the bottom line? This mascara is a great product that I will recommend.

I am still personally searching for the perfect mascara for me but this is a fantastic product that just might be the perfect mascara for you!

Give it a try. Let me know how you like it!

Organic Glam Mascara

Pretty In Pink!

Look Beautiful Instantly & Change Your Mood By Color!

Beautiful Blues

Perfect Plums!

Sultry Silvers

Pretty In Pink!

Makeover Your Mood With Color!

I love Self Magazine! They always have great and informative articles by experts which I learn a lot from and enjoy reading! As spring is just around the corner I came across their March issue, which included a fantastic article about how the makeup shades we wear can and affect our mood! I know this is true! I found this to be great info for all of us & will greatly change how we select our makeup shades in the future.

They include expert instructions on application and some great product choices to give you the look they are talking about.

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your look and add new shades to your makeup bag!  After reading today’s post you will be on your way!

Entire Article at


Try blue to feel lively

No one loves having the blues, but wearing a flash of the color may stir the opposite emotion. (Findings suggest that viewing the shade is apt to elicit positive feelings.) "We associate blue with tropical seas and the sky, so it can be uplifting," says Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute in Carlstadt, New Jersey. Swipe blue on eyes—the face's focal point—to prompt a smile from everyone you meet.

1. Maybelline New York Eye Studio in Navy Narcissist, $7 2. Shiseido Makeup Luminizing Satin Eye Color in Fresco, $25. 3. Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad in Earth, $35. 4. Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo for Blue Eyes, $11.

Get a lively look

• "Use blues as an accent on eyes, not all over lids," says Tina Turnbow, a makeup artist in NYC.

• Trace cobalt, teal or royal blue liner or shadow from the center of upper lash lines to inner corners; define top and bottom lash lines from the center out with a deeper hue to create eye-catching contrast.

• To brighten whites of eyes, dot an iridescent blue in inner corners.

• Balance vivid blues with a neutral lip-gloss in sheer pink and a touch of coral blush. (Remember the color wheel? Orange complements blue!) (Great point!)

Robert Erdmann

Wear plum to be bold

"Berry shades make a statement," says Troy Surratt, a makeup artist in New York City. "And compared with stop-sign red, plum is subdued, so it's more wearable." Another reason to give plain Jane nudes a break: If you convey self-assurance with your makeup, you'll feel that way, too. "Try on stronger shades at home first," says Poppy King, founder of Lipstick Queen makeup in NYC. "If you vacuum with plum lips, wearing the color out will be less daunting."

1. N.Y.C. New York Color Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss in Riverside Rouge, $4. 2. Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lip Colour in Rouge Noir, $30. 3. Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Plum, $9. 4. Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté in Glazed Blackcurrant, $30.

Devon Jarvis

Get a bold look

• Consider your coloring when picking your plums: For darker skin, raisin or purplish tones work best, King says. Fair? Try sheer raspberry or brick.

• To create a get-noticed matte mouth, apply color right from the tube. Want a softer effect? Use a lip brush, King suggests.

• "When applying a strong shade like plum, put it on first so you can gauge which colors will work on the rest of your face," King says.

• Keep your other makeup simple: Lightly smooth on foundation, then add a sweep of blush and mascara.

Play with gray to feel sexy

Studies show that humans are drawn to a direct, steady gaze. Smoky eyes "make it seem as if you're focusing intently on someone," says Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., author of Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty (Anchor Books). Gray may also heighten your sex appeal: Research indicates that women whose eyes appear darker than their surrounding skin are seen as more feminine. Channel your inner femme fatale.

1. Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow in Moon Spoon, $20. 2. Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner in Smokey Diamond, $6. 3. Christian Dior 5-Colour Iridescent Dentelle Eyeshadow in Pearl Glow, $57. 4. Shu Uemura Eye Shimmer Duo in Starry Violet, $42.

Devon Jarvis

Get a sexy look

• To make your eyes smoky not scary, apply shadow with a dense brush for extra precision.

• There's an art to layering gray: Sweep the lightest shade on your entire lid; fade a slightly darker hue on top, up to the crease. Smudge dark gray or black liner along upper and lower lashes.

• Gunmetal-gray shadow can seem harsh, so opt for a version with a hint of shimmer or blend a few for a diffuse effect, Surratt recommends.

• Keep the result sweetly seductive by using a neutral on your lips and just a hint of peachy blush on your cheeks.

Robert Erdmann

Think pink to be happy

A gorgeous, luminous complexion is a sure sign that you're in a joyful place: When you're elated (or amorous, for that matter), blood vessels near the skin's surface become dilated, increasing your natural rosiness; imagine how healthy and vibrant you are after a romp between the sheets or a laugh with pals. Get a glow anytime by applying one of the pretty pinks above. We predict you'll not only look happy but also give off happy vibes.

1. The Body Shop Kiss of Color Cheek Blush in Vibrant Rose, $14. 2. Estée Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Blush in Sunset Pink, $26. 3. Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights Blush in Baked Starlight, $30. 4. Lancôme Pop'n Cheeks Gentle and Lasting Blush in Coral Flirt, $29.

Devon Jarvis

Get a happy look

• All pinks are not the same. Dusty-rose blush is best for fair skin; deeper shades work well with darker skin tones.

• Blush should look like a second skin, so texture matters, too. If your complexion is oily, use a powder formula; stick with creams if your skin is on the dry side.

• Layer translucent peach blush containing subtle sparkle over already-pink cheeks to appear lit from within.

• "Pair pink blush with sheer shades of pink on lips and eyes," Turnbow suggests. "If one color stands out too much, the overall impact won't be as natural."

Sultry Silvers

Pretty In Pink!

Lose It! Works!

Body Products From Desert Essence Line Incredible & Perfectly Fragrant

Those of you who follow Glamour24-7 on a regular basis know how much I love beautiful scents and smells in the products I use.  I will decide to use a product just because I love the smell. Something that smells good adds glamour to my day!

I recently heard about Desert Essence Products. They have recently launched their Organics line. Keeping with their mission, all of the products are 100% vegan, biodegradable, cruelty and wheat/gluten free. And contains no parabens, sodium laurly/laureth sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colors, silicones, EDTA, glycol or petroleum based ingredients.

As I visited I was able to read more about the products and once I took a peek at the line I knew I had to try them out and share them with you.

Their hand & body lotions are incredible! I have the Vanilla Chai lotion and from the moment you open it up you can smell the incredible fragrant combination of Vanilla & Chai. It is not over powering at all. A subtle and soothing experience. The lotion glides on and feels wonderful on the skin. Your skin will feel like baby skin all over again! Vanilla Chai Hand & Body Lotion contains natural ingredients of vanilla, green tea and jojoba.

If you like to use body wash in the shower like I do, you must try their line of body wash. I have never felt cleaner and Essence their Body Washes are enriched with natural, botanical ingredients. These cleansers purify while nourishing the skin.

They have seven fantastic fragrant choices to choose from.

There is nothing worse than dry, chapped lips so I also tried their lip tint. It is great as it soothes & protects your lips with a light, yummy flavor containing Jojoba, Shea Butter, and a blend of essential oils with a hint of color to make your lips pop. Choose from four delicious scents.

I really am impressed with this line! Check it out for yourselves! You will love what you discover at

Click Pics To Visit Site

Lip Tint

Body Wash

Body Lotions

Your Eyes Will Look Stunning With Smoke & Mirrors Lashes!

There is nothing more Glamorous than pumping up the eyes with false eyelashes. Mascara alone will not give you the same look and effect you get when adding a false lash.

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love them! I featured my favorite half lash about a year ago and have just discovered an amazing new line of lashes that I am now addicted to, so I had to share them with you!

Please allow me to introduce celebrity makeup artist Steven Molesky and his smoke and mirrors line of human hair lashes! (Steven is best known for Kim Kardashians celebrated smoky-eye look!)

The Smoke and Mirrors line are all the rage with the celebs! Now you can wear them too! His line currently has 7 different styles for you to choose from. Choose from a more natural lash like the Chicago Lashes to the stellar eye-opening Atlanta lash!

Like Kim Kardashian’s bold smoky look? She loves the Vegas Lash! This is the perfect lash which helps create her beautiful dramatic look.

Carrie Underwood’s makeup artist Melissa Schleicher loves the line and uses them on her as well. (Now we know why Carrie’s eyes always look amazing!)  Carrie recently wore them to the Grammy’s! She loves the line so much, Steven is designing a custom set just for her!

Melissa recommends the Nashville Lashes. (These are my personal favorite too) They can easily go from day to evening.

Actress Audrina Patridge also loves the Nashville Lashes and wore them recently at the Avatar premier. She says she loves them as they are “light, fluffy, and full”

Want true va-va- voom? Combine two pairs together like Desperate Housewives actress Julie Benz. She wore the Vegas & the Nashville together for a true “Wow” effect! Stunning!

I have tried them all! You will not be disappointed! Each design works perfectly to add that special touch of glamour to your look!

Check out the whole line at! You will look Mah-ve-lous!

Kim Kardashian Loves The Lashes!

Click Pics To Order

Carrie Underwood Will Soon Have A Custom Pair!

Audrina Patridge Loves Her Nashville Lashes!

Julie Benz Combines The Vegas & Nashville Lashes

Vegas Lash

Want The Perfect Pink Pout? Lip Liner: Dervish By Mac & Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick

There is nothing prettier in spring and summer than a pretty pink lip to compliment your look.

In recent years I have found it frustrating to achieve this look as so many of the liners are too dark or have too much brown in them. Either you have to settle for a darker version of your lipstick or wear no liner at all. I think a lip looks much more finished with the use of a soft liner.

Last week I went to the Mac store to check out there new Viva Glam Gaga Pink Lipstick. I love it! Had to have it!

While I was there I discovered the perfect pink liner to use with it. It is called Dervish. I am not sure how new it is to the line but I had never seen it before.

Dervish is the perfect shade as it defines and showcases the lip edge without taking away from the lipstick.

I have since tried it with several other soft pink shades and it works beautifully with all of them.

As many of you are updating your makeup palettes for the season check this out when looking for the perfect pink pout.

100% from the sales of Mac Viva Glam products goes to the Mac aids fund supporting the fight against HIV/Aids.

Visit your local Mac store or to purchase.

Mac Viva Glam Gaga

Mac Dervish Lip Pencil

Top Tips For Stunning Hair This Summer!

When we think of summer we think of beautiful sun filled days, bronzed skin and glamorous sun kissed silky hair. The truth is we need to take care of our hair even more during the hot summer months. Hair can so easily become damaged if we aren’t careful.

I recently came across some great summer hair tips that I knew I must share with you!

Celeb stylist Riccardo Maggiore from the Riccardo Maggiore Salon in NYC who believes you can have healthy, beautiful hair during the summer months if you know how to properly take care of it.

Here are some fantastic tips to share with all your friends so your hair will maintain its most glamorous looks this summer!

Fine Hair:

For fine hair, long layers are ideal. The layers will create movement and volume. This is perfect for the hot, summer months.


Wavy Hair:

Wavy hair is great for summer; it’s like beach hair without even stepping foot on a beach! Work with that texture and use plenty of moisturizer to emphasize the waviness. 


Curly Hair:

Heavy layers are good for curly hair too. However, you don’t want to over-layer the hair. It should be cut long enough to achieve the desired style.  


Thick Hair:

For thick, straight hair, increase layers to achieve more movement and further thin hair in order to accomplish a look that heavy hair sometimes will not allow.


How can you avoid scalp/part burns?

Try to avoid parts in your hair all together! Use a fashionable headband or scarf to slick hair back. But if you must part your hair, use a sun specific product with a UV protectant, like Riccardo Maggiore Rinnova Texturizer, a unique leave-in treatment which contains sunscreen agents to protect hair from damaging UV rays.  


What's the best way to deal with summer dryness?

Summer sun and heat can cause major dryness to hair. The key is to moisturize! Put tons of moisture in your hair. Use moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners – anything that will maximize moisture.   


If you plan to hit the beach or pool, apply oil or a product with SPF to the hair. This will create a “seal” that will protect and prevent salt water, chlorine or sun to penetrate and cause damage.


What's a great tip for dealing with summer frizzies?

Find a product that will help combat frizziness, like Riccardo Maggiore Luminoso Anti Frizz Drops, a glossy finishing product that helps to smooth and seal the hair cuticle, offering a radiant luster while eliminating the frizzies and static electricity.  


The best way to control curls during the summer?

The best way to control natural curls is to use products that moisturize. Use a moisturizer, like leave-in conditioner, to produce long, flowing curls, and heavy product, like gel, to produce tighter curls.

To Order Products Listed Above Call:

To Order: 1 (877) 254 - HAIR

We Feel Our Best When Our Hair Looks Beautiful!

Fine Hair Best With Long Layers

Wavy Hair Beautiful for The Beach!

Natural Curls: Stunning With Great Layering!

Sweep Hair Back with no part to avoid scalp burn!

Fresh Minerals New Tinted Moisturizer Fresh & Light For Summer

Summer is here and everyone likes to go a bit lighter and fresher with their makeup as the temps rise.

I recently heard about a new tinted moisturizer by freshMinerals so I decided to put it to the test.

The first thing that impressed me is the applicator brush. This is really great! I tell girls & women every day that the best way to apply foundation is with a foundation brush. It really helps the moisturizer go on smoothly and easily which requires less product to be used with each application.

It dries quickly and provides a soft natural feel to the touch. There is just enough color to even out the skin tone without giving an over made up finish. This is perfect for summer!

It is long lasting. I wore it all day and it still looked fresh at the end of the day.

With an SPF 20, and also loaded with vitamin E and C, the  

freshMinerals tinted moisturizer protects against harmful UV rays  

while replenishing the health and natural glow of your skin.

This product really impressed me! I never thought a tinted moisturizer could give this much color and coverage while still giving that ultra natural appearance. I still prefer to use a powder on top to finish it off but this is really a terrific product that is very affordable at $25.

Visit and order some for yourself. Your skin will be beautiful this summer!

Click Pic To Purchase

Naturally Fresh Products Great Line For Sensitive Skin!

I am always searching for wonderful products that will add glamour to your life on a daily basis.  I recently heard about an incredible line of products that I knew I had to share with you!

Body odor is never glamorous and we all use some form of deodorant to prevent it. (At least we SHOULD) Please allow me to introduce Naturally Fresh!

Naturally Fresh is a line of crystal deodorants which is a healthy alternative to conventional deodorant.

The Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals were specifically designed for men and women who are allergic to or irritated by conventional deodorants for various reasons. Generally, either the perfumes which are used to mask odor or the antiperspirant ingredients will act as allergens causing rash and/or irritation. For this reason, men and women who have sensitive skin require hypoallergenic, fragrance free products. The problem with most natural deodorant products is their effectiveness. Fortunately, Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are extremely gentle, yet amazingly effective. They offer the perfect combination for active people seeking a healthy alternative and better lifestyle with the best natural deodorants.
You simply moisten the crystal with water and apply.

Their number one seller is their Crystal Roll on. I can see why! It glides on the skin leaving a silky feel that leaves no residue. It really feels luxurious! They just launched 4 new fragrances. I have the honeydew melon and it smells fantastic! All their products of course are available fragrance free.

They also have a spray mist! This is the liquid version of the deodorant crystal. It is highly recommended by dermatologists, oncologists and allergists!
This is available fragrance free and in four exciting fragrances Ocean Breeze, Lavendar, Papaya and Honeydew Melon.

TCCD also donates a percentage of their proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for the Cure!

Visit and check out the line. They have foot spray and lip protector too! You can order directly from the site or find store locations that carry the line in your area.





Click Pics To Purchase

Roll On

Spray Mist

Check Out The Entire Line

Sex And The City Makeup Bag Trio And Eye Mask Bring The Glamour Home

I am a huge fan of Sex And The City! I loved the HBO series and the feature film too! I can’t wait to see Sex And The City 2!

No one showcases glamour quite like the four women of Sex & The City! Don’t we all love to live vicariously through their glitzy lives and fabulous clothes! Yes we do!

Now you can be the first to have a new signature piece created to coincide with the premier of the movie that are sure to add that “Sex In The City” glamour to your life!

Visit and check out The Set of Three Steeplechase Cosmetic Cases. These are by far the most useful little set of zip bags you'll ever own! Perfectly sized to hold an assortment of your essentials.... from cameras and receipts to lip gloss, lipstick, cash and lotion.

The pink and green fabric is festive and so glam! These would make great gifts for your friends too!

Nothing makes you feel more glamorous than a great night of sleep! You can look ever-so-glam whole you sleep with the addition of the Sex and The City Eye Mask.

This is made with the same ultra glam pink and green fabric as the cosmetic cases! Your eyes will be bathed in glamour while the soothing pillow keeps out any harsh light.

While you are on the site check out some of the other great Sex And The City Product Choices! There is a glamorous choice for everyone!

Before you know it you will be living  a little more like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Click Pic to Purchase

Eye Mask (Coming Soon!)

Cosmetic Bag Set of 3

Clientele Thermal Pumpkin Facial Scrub Cleanses, Soothes & Softens The Skin

Face products are sent to me almost daily! Some I like and some I don’t. I must say that I LOVE the one I am featuring today! Clientele Elastology Thermal Pumpkin Facial Scrub is an incredible product!

Clientele products were created by scientist Pat Riley who has been developing products for over 30 years. The Clientele line was designed to help create Radiant, Younger Looking Skin.

First and foremost is the water activated Thermal warming experience you get when you rub the product within your hands before applying it! It literally feels so wonderful I usually apply it twice just to feel that warmth again!

The scrub contains pumpkin enzymes combined with Apple, Honey and Cinnamon Extracts which all combine to a very cozy smell of spiced pumpkin.

This gently cleanses the skin while exfoliating the dead skin cells at the same time.

Your skin feels warm and silky smooth after using this great product!

Fall and pumpkins will be here before we know it! Add this great scrub to your cleansing routine and you will have a hand up towards beautiful skin this Fall!

You can order a free sample of the scrub (you pay only shipping) by calling Clientel Direct at 800 327 4660 (mention the code GLAM)

The amazing scrub is available for $35. (worth every penny)

Visit and check out the entire line.

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Fake Bake Lips Are Ultra Glamorous!

There are so many established companies out there that become known for a certain product line but also create other amazing lines that are just as wonderful but not as well known. This is the case with Fake Bake.

Fake Bake is best known for its peerless range of self-tanners that have made achieving a summer glow safe, easy and never streaky.

Few know that Fake Bake also produce a line of makeup that is the perfect compliment to

that perfect tan.

Let me introduce to you The Fake Bake Lip-Glosses! LOVE them and they come in a range of colors: Passion Fruit and Prissy Lips are the signature colors and range in finishes from frosty to shiny.

They glide on the lips depositing the perfect amount of color and shine. I really love the way they smell too!

I really love the design of the bottles! They just look so glamorous when you pull them out of your purse and they look stunningly beautiful sitting on your vanity or bathroom counter! They truly are a winning combination!

Each gloss retails for $9.95, which means there's no reason not to buy one in every color!

Add a touch of Glamour to your day with Lip Glosses by Fake Bake. Visit and order yours today!

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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Skincare Line Is Incredible!

Back in May, I featured one of my favorite new products Ava Anderson’s Eye Makeup remover pads. I had been using one brand previously for years and had never found another that I liked until I tried Ava’s. They are the best remover pads on the market today!

I was thrilled to try out more of her incredible line of products! I am completely impressed with everything! Today I am going to feature the rest of her skin care products.

I started with the cleanser! In 3 quick pumps my hand was filled with a light foaming citrus scent wash. As I smoothed it on my skin it felt like silk. It is so gentle! My makeup literally glided off my face! (Including my eye makeup) After I rinsed it off my skin felt so fresh and clean.

Next I tried the Toner. I was pleasantly surprised by its light mist. It is so easy to use! It contains Yucca and witch hazel, which work together to open pores and remove impurities. This feels so refreshing!

I then applied the exfoliator which was wonderful! They recommend using it up to 3 days a week. I find it to be so gentle. The light exfoliation is perfect in achieving soft, glowing skin while improving skin tone and texture.

Then I used the moisturizer. It truly glides on the skin! It absorbs quickly which I love as I put makeup on immediately. My foundation glided on my skin like never before. I used it on my hands too! They feel amazing!

As you can tell, I LOVE Ava’s line if skincare products! They really are wonderful! I know you will love them if you give them a try. Visit and order some today! Your skin will love you!

One more thing about these products that are unique and sets them a part from the rest is they are completely NON-TOXIC! We are surrounded by toxins every day! There is no reason to add more to our skin! With Ava Anderson you are guaranteed fantastic non-toxic products.

NO parabens¸ NO PEGs, NO phthalates, NO SLS, NO 1,4 dioxane, NO formaldehyde, NO “Fragrance” (manufacturers can hide up to 600 ingredients in this “ingredient” without listing it on the label!) NO toxins.... all AVA ANDERSON NON-TOXIC ingredients score “zero” on the Cosmetics Database Toxicity Scale.

Once you receive your products let me know what you think! I can predict you will love them!

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Finally A Fantastic Mascara! Opulash by Mac

Those of you who follow regularly know I have been on a search for a mascara to replace my favorite of all time which was Prescriptives false eyelashes. The Prescriptives line is no longer available!

I have tried so many mascaras it is crazy! I do try and recommend the ones I think would be a good fit for my subscribers but have yet to be able to find one that really works for me…until now!

I recently purchased Opulash by Mac. A friend of mine had mentioned it to me and thought I should put it to the test. Well, I did and I LOVE it!

The brush is wonderful, thick and straight which in my opinion is the best for both thickening and lengthening. The mascara glides on with ease, dries quickly and as I like a nice full look, it allows me to add more to reach the perfect look!

It stays on all day with no flaking or smudging. If I sleep with it on which I never do!! (wink, wink) it allows me to apply more again which is great!

You can easily curl your lashes with this brush although I recommend an eyelash curler for best results. It adds the perfect amount of length and thickness to my lashes! Finally, a FABULOUS mascara! Only $14 available in Bad Bad Black!

Visit and try some yourself! I would love to hear what you think!

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Smart Cover Products Perfection In Covering Unsightly Skin Flaws!

As summer is here everyone tends to show more skin.  I am receiving so many emails from women searching for a product to help cover sun-spots, scars, blemishes and even tattoos! There are so many products out there I wasn’t even sure where to start. 

I was thrilled when I heard about Smart Cover Products! These products are proudly used on Hollywood sets by two-time Academy Award nominee and renowned Hollywood make-up artist Christina Smith, Smart Cover is the solution for camouflaging any and all skin blemishes, such as spider veins, scars, age and sun spots, birthmarks, and other skin imperfections. It can even camouflage tattoos for that important event or special occasion.

Smith uses the product on many of her celebrity clients including Jane Krakowski, Julia Roberts, Gisele Bundchen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ali Larter, Gena Rowlands and Helen Mirren.  

Sounded like the perfect product! I had to try it out myself! I checked out their smart cover-up kit which comes in a light combo or a dark combo and  includes everything you need.

These products can be used anywhere! Face and body. I have some melasma (brown patches on my forehead which always bug me! I applied the primer first with the sponges in the kit and then the concealing crème with the supplied applicator brush. The brown patches disappeared! I usually use a full coverage foundation and concealer and it doesn’t cover as well as Smart Cover! I really was impressed! I decided to try it as a complete foundation and it was really nice too! Full coverage everywhere and dries to a light matte finish! I did not even need to use the cover stick! If you need even more coverage the cover stick however will give you the perfect finish!

I currently have a tan and a bruise on my leg so I thought I would try out their tan shade concealing crème and see how it covers a bruise. It covered it beautifully! The products are long-lasting and waterproof so this would be terrific for use when swimming!

I am really impressed with these products! For those of you looking to cover skin imperfections visit and order today. Your skin will look ever-so-glamorous!

Smart Cover Primer

Smart Cover Concealing Creme

Cover-Up Kit

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Smart Tan Essentials

Smart Cover Kit Includes:

Concealing Creme - 3 Shades

Color Corrector

Moisture Primer Lotion

Cover Stick

Vitamin Beauty Stick

Blending Sponges

Camouflage Brush

Travel Case ($10 value